The process







If you are a doer and want to put your energy into making a difference, register and get connected with the iCaucus Volunteers in your State and District.  If you are a group wanting to vet a candidate in your district or a candidate, register as an Affiliate Group so that you and your group can participate in the vetting process, our Affiliate Group Director will contact you shortly.

You can sign up HERE.


 When you registered you provided leadership with your skillsets and which department(s) you were interested in.  The department leads will be contacting you shortly.  As an iCaucus volunteer you will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement for the department you decide to put your expertise and efforts into.  Once the agreement is signed the Department lead will provide the necessary access to the website so that you can begin training and getting involved.  There are many departments and levels for you to choose depending on what your passion and time availability is.


Once you have found your Department with iCaucus and at which level (National, Regional, State, or District) then the leader of the department will provide you with access to the training materials and to the forums so that you can begin putting your expertise, and energies to work.

The key to any success we want to have is education.  We will be focusing on an education curriculum that encompasses all areas of our economy and how we got here.  We will promote the education information through iCaucus and encourage all volunteer/associates to share it everywhere.  We will be working with the Sanity 2012 and the State groups promoting “The Plan”.


We search out and research Principled Candidates… those who are ready to step up and into the political process.

A Candidate should have a campaign, have filed with the FEC and be ready to run. All Candidates must be referred to us by and affiliate group or have a referral from an iCaucus member.  The candidate will register using the candidate registration page, sign the candidate agreement, agree to a background check the vetting director is notified once the agreement is signed and will conduct the background check, through a service. The Vetting Director will also review the eligibility requirements for the district/seat the candidate is running for.  If all of these areas are met with a go, the candidate will be notified that they are eligible for our vetting.  The CQQ Coordinator will send out the CQQ for the candidate to begin the process. The questionnaire consists of “Yes “or “No” questions based on Principles and the Constitution. Each question is a commitment.  If a Candidate answers yes and commits to 70% or more of the vetting questions they move on to the Delegate interview.

The CQQ is saved and recording on the State vetting tracking sheet.  Once the CQQ score is posted (not released) the CQQ Coordinator, contacts the Interview Coordinator, who puts together a 5 to 7 person panel and using the video conferencing system in the iCaucus website schedules an interview with the candidate.

Associates of iCaucus and/or affiliate group members form interview panels and interview the Candidates.

All interviews are recorded.

Once completed, the interviews and CQQ’s for all candidates vetted for the seat are posted on the website and through various networks like libertylinked etc.  The idea is to expose as many members of the candidates district to the vetting process so they can participate and unite behind one candidate.  A link to participate in the conferencing and endorsement vote will be provided with a one time email use supplied for the endorsement vote.  No email lists will be gathered or used for any purpose other than the endorsement survey.

Once interviews are posted, there is a Conference period of 1-2 weeks where members can ask additional questions and Caucus regarding the candidates.  The interview coordinator will monitor additional questions and provide the answers or have the candidate answer them directly.  At the end of the interview or interviews if there or more than one candidate in a race, will be a submit button, to register to participate in the endorsement survey.  If there is a single candidate in a District iCaucus must have a minimum of 50 participation registrations to proceed, if there is a single candidate in a statewide race we will need 100 participation registrations to proceed.

Once the conference period ends, if the participation registration requirement is reached, a vote survey is sent to all registrants of the district to vote for endorsement or not. If there are not enough registrations then the endorsement survey is put on hold.

A single candidate must receive 70% in favor for endorsement. With multiple candidate votes, one must receive 60% or more of the vote for endorsement.


We will work effectively with other groups to provide the vetting service, as well as promote the services of other Organizations who are working for the same goal.  Voter Fraud training should be attended for all candidates and their teams as well as their volunteers, campaign training and getting groups in all areas working to help promote and support Principled candidates, fundraising efforts, as well as neighborhood forums and townhalls for candidates to get exposure in their districts.


This team will be observing the candidates that we endorse and providing opposition research through blogs, video, presentations, and our website on the incumbent.  This information will be presented through the candidate’s page and networks so that it can be submitted through many media outlets.