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iCaucus welcomes Eagle of Iran as Affiliate in Television Interview

On May 3, 2014 iCaucus was invited to participate in a live television program to be broadcast throughout the world. The organization titled in this broadcast is a new affiliate group to iCaucus called Eagle of Iran.  Their membership are many Iranian-Americans and their viewship are in many countries around the world including Iran.  They are promoting citizens activism in Iran to stand against the Regime, as well as educating on the dangers of dealing with them as a part of foreign policy.  These are issues iCaucus also is involved with as part of vetting, education, and accountability of our representatives here in the United States.  

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Articles on "Regime Change Iran"

This posting will be updated as new articles are forwarded to the iCaucus Team.  We were contacted by a person within Iran who asked us to begin to post these articles in hopes of sharing them to the world.  You can join them on Facebook HERE The website is: Regime Change Iran 

  1. Iranians want regime change in Iran

  2. Where is Human Rights In the Islamic Republic of Iran

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What Does the Ukraine and Russia Have To Do With Iran?


As we have seen over the past few days, the entire situation all-over the world has taken a negative turn. United States and Europe is waking up to the nightmare of Russian invasion of Ukraine. And we will not see the end of it for a long time to come. Our Western politicians have been asleep for quite some time now. While, they are waking up gradually, there are few important things that they need to consider immediately and that is the topic of Iran to the advantage of Iranian people.

Iran was a strong friend of the West and as long as the Pahlavis were in Iran, the whole world and particularly the Persian Gulf region, and the Middle East were stable and to the advantage of the West. But what did we do? The short-sighted Carter administration started its game quite few years before the so-called Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran to overthrow the strongest ally of the West; namely, the Shah of Iran. And Carter is proud of it too and says that people have to thank me for the next 50 years not seeing the consequences of his deeds that he perhaps set in motion the Third World War if not the explosion of the entire Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of people have been tortured and killed as a direct result of Carter’s actions in Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc. Can someone give a name to these actions please?  

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