Resistance is Futile

Written by Frank McHale at The Minority Report.  Great article showing Free Enterprise at its finest. 

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Negotiate with Iranian Regime? What Iranian Citizens Have to Say

There has been a dialogue created between Iranian citizens and American citizens through the statement iCaucus put out in February of this year.  The following information is from the Vice-President of iCaucus - Mitzi Fortune and we wanted to show how the dialogue between the citizens of both countries has increased over time.  iCaucus has received many emails, messages, and phone calls from all over the world and not just from Iranians, but from many other citizens as well.  They have found an outlet to discuss many world issues including the continuing issues of armed conflict and the way the world is now viewing Americans based upon what our leadership does. 

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The Untold Story of Abysmal Voter Turnout

Do you find yourself sometimes lost in all the "Chaos" and "Disinformation Campaign" being pushed by so many in the media, so called conservative groups, and our government? Well there is an answer to all or most of what faces all of us today. Most of us see our "Freedoms" being lost and "Our Laws" not being obeyed. You look around and all you hear is how the Progressives are taking away everything we hold true. You, the citizens write your representatives and post on Facebook, Twitter and other Social media sites, about how upset you are over these losses. Yet what is that accomplishing?
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A Murrieta resident speaks: The truth behind the Murrieta Border Patrol protests that you won’t get from the media

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DISCLAIMER:  This letter is being reprinted with permission from this resident. Please leave him to his privacy. He is just an eyewitness and trying to expose what the media won't tell you.  " Not interested in public interviewing if asked."   Thank you!

I am going to send this article to as many groups and media pages on Facebook as possible to get this story out. Please share with as many people as you would like. Thanks! Here is my article:

A Murrieta resident speaks: The truth behind the Murrieta Border Patrol protests that you won’t get from the media

July 8, 2014

By: Robert Thompson

The national media is having a feeding frenzy over the issue of housing illegal immigrants in the city of Murrieta, California and the protests from opposing sides of this issue. In order to create as much conflict and divisiveness as possible, much of the facts behind the story are not being relayed. In addition, misinformation is rampant. This is why I am writing to tell the true story as to what is happening. I am a local, regular citizen of Murrieta who has personally attended many of the recent events and simply wants the truth to come out about the protests.



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It's Time For The Cycle of Abuse To End


So, there seems to be a question about whether American citizens are in an abusive relationship with their government, their elected officials, the elitists & lobbyists, and the political parties.  The illustration above encourages individuals to call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline when experiencing these things in a relationship.  This is what they consider abuse, so we are using their own information to make a point.  How many of these things are we experiencing currently in relationships with our political system? Yet no one, not even they, think we are in an abusive relationship or that we are being abused?  Let's look at this, shall we?

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Lessons Learned....AGAIN


How many times must we see the same results before we wake up as Americans? Losing good, principled candidates in the primaries will continue to occur until ALL those interested in freedom, liberty, and limited government stand together against the political class, this includes the "liberty and conservative groups"  In this article we will once again bring out points we should have learned from in prior election years as they apply to some of the early primaries, but also those upcoming primaries.  These are a lot of the reasons we end up having to vote for the "lesser of two evils" in the general elections.

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iCaucus Recognized at Holocaust Rememberance

On the Holocaust remembrance day by the United Nations in New York City, Iranians join Jewish/Israeli demonstration against a nuclear Iran.  iCaucus is recognized for their contribution in unifying Iran American, Israeli relations. 

For those of us in the United States, this is a matter of foreign policy, national security and has a direct impact on our freedoms as the reasoning utilized by our government is terrorism.  iCaucus members have been working to bypass governments and speak directly to the citizens of other nations.  It is due to all of you that this work has been recognized and is gaining additional support from other citizens of this country as well as Iran and Israel.

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iCaucus Maintains Both Support & Citizen Enodrsement for Brannon

Dr. Greg Brannon made commitments to his potential constituents based on the iCaucus principles. As a result, the citizens chose to endorse him for the United States Senate.  Due to a civil suit, Dr. Brannon has been called into question on fiscal responsibility and his integrity.  Before iCaucus takes any action regarding an endorsed candidate or incumbent, even asking the members to vote, an investigation is made into the issues and a determination is made on whether the members and affiliate group members should be presented with the need to vote on action. 


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Americans Speak Directly to Iranian Citizens: Fight To Take Your Country Back

iCaucus was founded on the principles of speaking and exposing the truth, following the money, and holding our representation accountable to We The People of the United States.  In keeping with that mission we educate and hold our representatives accountable on the issues, including foreign policy.  The following press release and statement was approved by 85% of iCaucus members and affiliate group members through a voting process in keeping with our bylaws. Whenever a government fails to represent it's people, it is incumbent upon the citizens to take action on their own effectively bypassing the government.  It's important to note that the "apology" contained in this statement is not an apology for America, but an apology based on interference the Progressives in our government have perpetrated on the citizens of another country. The very same Progressives from both sides of the aisle that have sought to remove our Constitutional freedoms.  

Why is this important? For two reasons;  First, contrary to the biased media who blasts us with video of demonstrations chanting "Death to America” and burning American flags, according to our sources the majority of Iranians want out from under their oppressive theocracy and would rather have America as an ally. Second, what effect the Iranian people have against their regime affects the rest of the region and us as well. All over the world the citizens have been rising up against the Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, Mullahs, and Muslim Brotherhood run governments. We, the citizens of the United States, have watched our own government back terrorists and terrorist organizations masking themselves as protestors and freedom fighters. There were two exceptions: the Iranian people and the effort to oust President Morsi (proven ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations) in Egypt. Simultaneously, the Progressives in our country have passed laws that violate our basic freedoms, making the Bill of Rights null and void. Indefinite Detention and drone use on American citizens are some of the most egregious.

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White House Scandals or "What Did They Know and When Did They Deny It"

To follow more of our contributer, Grant's blogs, please visit and bookmark this WEBSITE

That seems to be the continuing question from everyone that dares to ask this administration any question they don’t really seem to want to answer. I almost hope Dion Warwick or somebody would rerecord the song “Walk On By” to say “Walk It Back” or perhaps the band Crossfade could do a version of “What I Really Meant To Say” called “What He Really Meant To Say” because that too is a constant phrase spoken by Jay Carney, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Eric Holder, most of the mainstream media and the entire broadcasting crew, writing staff and editorial staff at MSNBC and the not to be left out the Kings and Queens of honesty and integrity at The Huffington Post.

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Facts Behind Policy Cancellations

Mr. Tucker, the Author of this article is being recognized as an expert on the effects and regulations of the Affordable Care Act. His information is factual and contains documents pertaining to the issues.  We have obtained his permission to provide some of this information on our website.  

Recently, President Obama made the statement implying that the reason so many healthcare plans were being cancelled across the United States is because they were somehow "substandard plans" and would be replaced by better ones.  Mr. Tucker clearly and accurately lays out the evidence that once again, we are receiving erroneous information.  This information is important for everyone to know and share with those you care about.  

Excerpt from article:

After President Obama was forced to finally admit that he was not telling the truth when he promised repeatedly “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. No one will take it away from you, period.” The latest ‘spin’ from the president  is “most people can keep their plans and those who lose them will be getting a better plan for a lower price to replace the substandard plan they have now” from the ‘old market‘. A market that HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius referred to as ‘The Wild West‘. As if the current individual and family market is some wild unregulated market where consumers can be abused by unscrupulous carriers offering ‘skinny‘ or ‘shoddy‘ plans. Nothing could be further from the truth. The evidence below will prove that the president is lying to the American people once again.

Below I will link actual policy termination letters from four of my existing clients who hold individual health insurance policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. The last names and policy numbers have been redacted in order to protect the privacy of these clients per 1996 HIPAA law.

Click here to download Stephen’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Robert’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Kathleen’s Obamacare termination letter.
Click here to download Michael’s Obamacare termination letter.

When you review their current health insurance policy outlines of coverage. Tell me, do these plans look like ‘unregulated plans‘ from a market similar to the ‘Wild West‘? Are these ‘skinny’ plans or ‘substandard plans’?

Please note that each of these policies offer 100% coverage for in network covered charges after an aggregate ‘common family’ deductible has been satisfied. The size of each of their family deductibles is listed in their current outlines of coverage, also included in each PDF document.

Worse yet, these health plans that are being canceled now are NON “Grandfathered” plans. These are health plans that have nothing to do with the “Grandfathered clause” that the president says he included in Obamacare which would allow people to ‘keep their plans’ if they were purchased beforeObamacare was passed on March 23, 2010. These plans were purchased afterMarch 23, 2010. In other words, NON “Grandfathered” plans. These are plans that HHS required insurers to redesign as of 9/23/2010 and then sell to consumers under Obamacare. These plans already include 9 out of the 10 ‘Essential Health Benefits‘ including the policy design changes listed below that were mandated as of 9/23/10. This means they are NOT substandard plans and they are also not ‘grandfathered’ plans.

More of the article by C. Steven Tucker HERE or at

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Integrity and the Political Class

Merriam-Webster dictionary on-line defines Integrity as:  (1) the quality of being honest and fair; (2) the state of being complete or whole. When we observe the actions of the national leaders of the Political Class do we see a group that fits either of these descriptions? 

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Open letter to GOP Leadership

Mr. Priebus and the leadership of the Republican Party;

We are writing on behalf of American voters who have simply had enough.  It is our task to say to you what you are refusing to hear from not only from average citizens of this great nation but also the business owners who are compelled to fund the shenanigans in Washington DC.  Make no mistake, before you dismiss this letter, understand that there is weight and merit behind it.  You need to hear what we hear every day.  This transcends Party, socio-economic, gender, and racial lines.  

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Pisgah Inn Reopens

Pisgah Inn Rally this Saturday, 10/12 at noon.  Caravan at 11 AM.  


The Pisgah Inn, located at the Peak of the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina,  re-opened on October 9, after being shut down by the National Park Service.  

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Political Terrorism - Message for DC

iCaucus was provided with a message from a large business owner who we have agreed to keep confidential due to the potential for reprisal from a Government out of control.  This owner agreed to allow this to be published and also sent to our endorsed Congressmen and Senators in an attempt to ensure the message of the companies driving our economy is heard by those in power.  

Dear iCaucus,

As defined by; Terrorism (noun), [ter-ror-ism]

  1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
  2. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. 
  3. A terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government. 
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WAR BY WOMEN Declared Against Leftist Dependency Peddlers!

One of the most insidious threats to liberty in America is the practice of “group thought”. Employed by politicians and the media, group thought divides the population into herds and allows the power brokers to pit one group against another in order to maintain their own authority. The most evil aspect of group thought is that it strips people of their individuality, their uniqueness, and ultimately their absolute right to have control over their own decisions.

Full Article can be viewed at Conservative Report Online HERE

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The Shut-Down and Legislative Entrenchment

What does Harry Reid, John McCain, or any other legislator mean when they talk about the Healthcare law being law and therefore we must follow it?  What they are really saying is that because it is Law, it can't be changed.  In other words, because it was passed in 2008, we must now enforce it even if it's wrong and hurting their constiuents.  Even if they passed it with the majority of Americans telling them no.  Furthermore, they are stating that a newly elected legislature cannot change what a prior legislature passed. What is this called?  Legislative Entrenchment and not acceptable under our system of governance.  Legislative Entrenchment is more suited to a dictatorial society.  So, what exactly is Legislative Entrenchment?

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Brannon Donations Surge

Raleigh, NC - In a demonstration of the Brannon campaign’s surging strength and support, the campaign announced today that it will report third quarter fundraising totals that more than double the previous quarter.
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Where Does Your Representative Stand on Syria?

Many have asked where all their Representatives stand on the issue of Syria. We have compiled a list on where they stand today from various sources, including their offices. It's up to We the People to let them know what we expect them to do on this issue and every issue. Make your voice heard! Let's turn those Undecided and Unknown into NO.  We the People say no. They need to hear each Yes vote means they will be replaced. Please let us know if you get an answer different from what is listed. We will keep a running, corrected list.  Thank you


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Common Core vs. Heritage Academy’s Standards

Common Core vs. Heritage Academy’s Standards

by Dr. Earl Taylor, Jr., National Center for Constitutional Studies

Note: A number of states have adopted the new and mostly unknown Common Core Standards for K-12 education. Nearly all of the “adoptions” have not been done by state legislatures, but by state Boards of Education, a prime example of how administrative law-making is replacing legislative law-making in our country.

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A Republic

"A Republic, if you can keep it."

by Dr. Earl Taylor, Jr., National Center for Constitutional Studies

Most of us are acquainted with the remark by Benjamin Franklin as recorded in the notes of James McHenry, a delegate from Maryland, when Franklin was asked by a lady after the Constitutional Convention ended, "Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy?" "A republic," replied the Doctor, "if you can keep it."

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North Carolina Citizens Endorse for U.S. Senate 2014!

The citizens of North Carolina voted overwhelmingly to endorse Dr. Greg Brannon for their U.S. Senate Candidate for the 2014 election cycle!  Winning 100% of the ballots cast, Dr. Brannon has unified support for his candidacy throughout the state

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Keep California Elections in the Hands of California Citizens!

  Message Regarding One of our Strategic Partners

Unbelievable: California Legislature Pressing to Allow Non-Citizens to Work the Polls in California! Help Californians Press Back!!

AB 817 is headed to the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown for signing  - and you need to know about it. Simply put, the bill would offer financial incentives to non-citizens to work in Golden State polling locations as interpreters and assistants. That's right - individuals with no sworn allegiance to the United States would be paid to execute American elections. YOU can do something about this. Our friends at the California Election Integrity Project have organized a petition to Gov. Brown to reject this proposal. As of today, they have received signatures from 33 states across the country. Lend your voice to this effort today! 


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Why iCaucus

Did you ever wonder why your representatives campaign one way, then govern another way?  Do you believe your political party of choice is accurately reflecting your values?  If you could get the “Karl Rove” type of consultants out of political control of your party and/or to stop influencing your candidates, would you?  Do you believe your political party accurately vets your candidates prior to their endorsement? Do you really know the candidates you are voting for?  Do you trust your party to select the best candidates?  Were you satisfied with the choices you had in the 2012 election?  Did you hold your nose to vote for the "lesser of two evils?”  

These are the issues iCaucus effects through citizen involvement, in the entire electoral process.  iCaucus is a proven path to electoral and accountability success when implemented correctly. 

If your representatives are ignoring you, voting for bigger government and against your best interests, you can primary throw them out!  You can hold your representatives fully accountable for their actions in office if you first make them commit to limited government, fiscal responsibility and adherence to the US Constitution.

Work with like minded people in your community to find the best candidates and get them elected.  You've already learned you can't trust your party to select the best candidates, nor does the party hold them accountable! BUT YOU CAN! 

iCaucus effectively changes the entire electoral process through citizen involvement. iCaucus is a proven path to electoral and accountability success when implemented correctly. 

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In view of the revelations occurring surrounding the IRS targeting conservative organizations, the Executive Board of iCaucus wishes to clarify our status, filings, and website security for our members, affiliates and candidates. We have received several questions regarding this issue as organizations are beginning to speak out concerning access that was requested to the back end of their websites and the information that may have been obtained by the Federal government.

Due to the mission and focus of iCaucus and a sincere desire to ensure the security of our members, affiliates, donors, and candidates' information the organization has never sought a not for profit tax exemption. iCaucus is a “Private, Non-Profit Corporation” filed in Wyoming. We are not tax exempt. The only records we supply to the IRS are our tax forms.

What does this mean? This means that if our donations are larger than our expenditures, we pay taxes just like any other corporation. Our information remains intact and does not get reported to anyone within the Federal Government. We have been told many times in the past that we should become tax exempt in order to receive more donations. We have resisted this due to our concerns that we already have an overreaching government. It appears we made the correct decision for our citizen-led organization in view of the recent revelations.

Our website is hosted by an organization that not allow access by any entity (including the government). We need to protect not only our proprietary processes but also all information given to us by those candidates who go through our process. We want our future candidates, endorsed candidates, endorsed incumbents, iCaucus members, Affiliate Group members and donors to know their information is secure and cannot be accessed by hackers, government agencies or hackers working for government agencies. iCaucus cannot be threatened by the IRS or other government agencies to provide them access to our website.

We thank each and every one of you for your dedication, donations, participation, and concerns. Without all of you, we would not know success. Know that we strive to ensure your protection as well.

The iCaucus Executive Board





Contact: iCaucus Leadership

Phone: (307) 213-4057


9 A.M. EDT, June 25,2013

 Members and Affiliates Hold Their Representatives Accountable for Their Vote

Cheyenne, WY, June 25, 2013:  iCaucus endorsements are provided based on the will of the citizens of those districts. They are in effect only until the Citizens of the District decide to revoke their endorsement and support of a candidate or Representative. Currently, there are nine (9) endorsements being reviewed by the citizens of their district. This review is taking place on what most considered the final straw piece of legislation H.R. 1947, The Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013.  The citizens demand of their Representatives, regardless of Party, that they perform at the highest level possible in order to protect Constitutional and Limited Government Principles as well as Fiscally Responsible principles.

This legislation has brought two things to light.  First, it is a very good example of what is wrong in Washington D.C. and how they operate in the legislative process. Second, it brings forth an agenda of National & International Control, coupled with the discriminatory result of picking winners and losers in the legislative process based on special interest groups of any kind.

The first was brought to light with the seven (7) pages of other laws, agencies, and programs listed in this piece of legislation, which can be found at .  This is regardless of the spending. How do they even know for sure what the consequences of the legislation are when there are 75 different laws and 169 programs & organizations referenced in this Bill?  This shows a systemic problem in how they legislate out of Washington DC.  More detail will be made available at our website.

The second issue is the end result of Progressive Policy from both sides of the aisle. These policies (Mostly from 1991 & 2008 Laws), quite clearly show a pattern of National and International control of our National and Natural Resources, in many cases ceding authority over to international agencies.  In addition, there are discriminatory funding practices that encompass race, age, and language proficiency.  It also subsidizes some commodities and business but increases regulation and fees on others.  When are we going to stop the damage being done to our economy and our Nation?  The time is now according to the citizens who worked to elect many of these Representatives.

While there were various reasons why both sides of the aisle didn’t like this Bill, the issues that most Americans should and are concerned about are the ones not being talked about by anyone, including the Representatives themselves. While the participants of iCaucus are holding their Representatives accountable, isn’t it time the rest did the same?  This Bill or similar will be brought back up for discussion, it’s time we get the truth before they pass the Bill.




H.P. 1047 Referenced Acts and Laws

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