Affiliate Groups


Is your group looking for a method to vet Candidates and to get involved?

Do you want to maintain the security of your email lists, and still participate?

iCaucus has come up with a solution that meets both of the above.  We found that through all of our efforts in 2010 the biggest problem was splitting the vote between like-minded citizens and organizations.

When we work together and unify our message and methods, success is not far behind.  When it comes to vetting the iCaucus method works, so we are offering like-minded groups the opportunity to use this service and unify behind the best candidate, ONE Candidate to have success.

How do you Become an Affiliate Group?  A Leader or authorized representative from your group will register on our site under the Affiliate Group Registration, complete all of the required information.  Once approved you will be contacted by our Affiliate Group Director to receive your Group Logo and verify the contact information provided and request your Group Logo.

Your Group will be listed on our Affiliate Group page by State, with the Group Name, Logo and website URL with a forum for putting out information as you choose.

What will being an Affiliate Group do for your members?  You will be able to sponsor a Candidate to go through our vetting process, and you will be able to participate in the process.  Your members may be asked to volunteer for the interview panel.  Once all of the interviews for a race in your district are complete the representative from your group will be notified and will send out to your members that the vetting conference is beginning.  Your members will be able to view the interviews, and then register to participate in the endorsement survey.  This registration will be a single use registration, it will input their information for the endorsement survey only.  They will also be able to join in the conferencing period where information and questions are shared and answered regarding the candidate(s) in the race.  At the end of the conferencing period, each person who has registered to participate will receive an on-line endorsement survey for their vote.

For a Candidate to receive an endorsement in a single race they must have a minimum of 50 participants in the survey and receive 70% or better in favor of endorsement.  If there are more than one Candidate being vetted for a race then there must total of 100 participants registered for the endorsement survey and a candidate must recieve at least 60% to receive our endorsement.

When a candidate receives the iCaucus endorsement we will notify the Group representative, the Candidate and our members.  A Press release will go to the Candidate and highlight the Affiliate Groups who participated, as well as, be listed on our website.

The goal is to get like-minded groups to share in the process, join behind ONE candidate and win their district with a Principled Representative to restore our States and our Nation.

Contact Mitzi Fortune – National Affiliate Group Director