When Will The Hall Of Presidents Open At Disney World?

The persistent delay of Disney World’s Hall of Presidents has been an ongoing issue. According to sources, the delay is caused by the current polarization of opposite ends of the American political spectrum. The election of President Donald Trump has caused an upheaval in Walt Disney Imagineering. As with most things political, every decision of something trivial has had no exceptions and Disney certainly isn’t an exception.

The Hall of Presidents has been part of the Magic Kingdom Park since its establishment in 1971. Since then, the attraction of audio-animatronic Presidents has been an attraction and a favorite along with other popular Disney World podcasts. Visitors are ushered into what seems to be the Philadelphia Independence Hall with a historical short film about the American presidents. There is a robot whose role is “speaking” famous speeches.

While the world can’t take sides forever, the bottom line is, President Trump is the current President of the United States and will be—for a duration of time; people would have to respect that. And respect, it seems, is what branded companies can do as well. With tourists from all the nation and the world visiting Disney and buying food or bags for Disney, brands do influence consumer mindsets along the way. Although Disney released a weighted statement in the earlier part of 2017 (that was cleared up as a retracted as of October), internal discord in the company will not affect the refurbishment of the Hall of Presidents—a place where robot Trump is said to make its appearance. Through Disney’s affiliate company Motherboard, the original story was uncovered to be conflicting stories leading to the resignation of Disney CEO Bob Iger regarding Trump’s DACA policy that raised questions on whether or not he is considering political ambitions—that goes to the root of why the issue was published in the first place.

The question reminds then when the Hall of Presidents will be open at Disney World. Maybe that is a wrong question. Instead, will the Hall of Presidents ever open? Sure thing. The editorial content of Disney World Parks by Thomas Smith estimated that the attraction will

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